Music by Angela Rinaldi
      NEW Single CD Release!                          
      “Mama” written by Angela Rinaldi
       Piano and Strings by Angela Rinaldi
       Vocals by Angela and Kate Rinaldi
       Copyright 2012
  As a local songwriter and artist, I have written a song entitled "Mama" for my dear mom who passed away at 91. My three siblings and myself took care of her around the clock for three years until she passed peacefully in her home, where my twin sister, Katie, and my husband, Bob, now reside. Katie and I sang "Mama" at her funeral service and decided to record it and share it with others that may be going through a similar situation. We hope this song inspires others to honor and cherish their moms, holding them close to their hearts so that their memory may live on.
Angela is a member of the American Federation of Musicians Local 76-493

" Angela's cd's have been very creative, with an easy sense of musicality to help my students learn about music.
This CD is no exception. Dancer's Choice is a wonderful mix of music.
It is always inspiring for the instructors and students at the Evergreen City Ballet."

                                      ...Kevin Kaiser, Artistic Director, Evergreen City Ballet

  Featuring 43 classical pieces including Chopin, Strauss and Kabalevsky
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Angela Rinaldi
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Click Here for Product Details! I have just released my new single entitled MAMA, which is the song I wrote for my mom before she passed away three years ago. My twin sister, Kate and I sang it at her funeral service and it has taken me this long to record it.  It is a true labor of love and I am very proud to honor my mom in this way.   Music by Angela Rinaldi Piano and Strings by Angela Rinaldi Vocals by Angela & Kate RInaldi
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